Awarded Travel Scholarships 2013

Helene Ahlborg, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
A case study on access to electricity and related benefits in Tanzania - access, institutions and power in Mawengi hydropower scheme

Lykke Feld, Andersen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Water resource management in the agricultural sector - A case study in Mahenge-Mbuyuni, Great Ruaha River Basin, Tanzania

Jens Andersson, Lund University, Sweden
Inequality and institutional development in former French West Africa

Mikael Bergius, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) - Effects on Rural Livelihoods and the Role of Norwegian Actors

Þóra Björnsdóttir, University of Iceland, Iceland

Independent child migration in Ghana and possible connections to trafficking

Alessandro D’ Errico, Göteborg University, Sweden
The European Union Security Sector Reform in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Quest for Actorness

Jenny Friman, Göteborg University, Sweden
Analyzing the sustainability of the Burkina Faso parklands in the face of changing policy, market and climate conditions

Lotta Gammelin, Lund University, Sweden
Gender, Healing and Hybridity in a Pentecostal -Charismatic church in Mbeya, Tanzania

Lina Grip, University of Helsinki, Finland
Small arms control, state building and regional integration in East Africa

Lise Haug, Bergen University College, Norway
Coping with major fracture injuries in Malawi: Professional views and patients’ experiences with skeletal traction treatment during long hospitalization and life afterwards

Julia Hilbig, Uppsala University, Sweden
Pre-Conditions to successful Peace Education - How Children in Namibia understand Peace, ´War and Conflict

Heidi Höök, University of Helsinki, Finland
Integrating urban refugees and sharing the urban space. Experiences of urban refugees and local urban poor in Kampala, Uganda

Benedicta Azewanre Ideho, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Sustainable Management in the e-Waste Recycling Industry: The Case of Finland and Nigeria

Lyydia Kilpi, University of Helsinki, Finland
A Global Multi-Stakeholder Standard in Natural Resources Governance: Can Mozambique benefit from EITI?

Suvi Kokko, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, Sweden

Measuring performance and value of social innovation - pertinence of social return on investment analysis - A case study of sustainable sanitation in Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya

Daniel Lee, Uppsala University, Sweden
Politics in post-conflict society: DDR and local decision-making in Liberia

Tiina-Maria Levamo, University of Helsinki, Finland

Children’s and young people’s right to participation in the context of development - reflecting socio-cultural and political concepts and practice of Zambia and Finland

Helene Lie, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

Improving smallholders’ livelihood through value chain development targeting public sector markets - Analysis of the AgriPark value chain in Eastern Cape South Africa

Mathilda Lindgren, Uppsala University, Sweden
Framing in Mediation: Insights from Burundi

Layla Nasibova, Aalto University, Finland
Collaborative design and action framework for social and urban transformation in Cape Town, World Design Capital 2014

Katono Ouma, University of Helsinki, Finland

The gendered experiences of large-scale land and agricultural expansion in the Yala Swamp area, Nyanza Province, Kenya

Mona Paalanen, Tampere University, Finland
Who decides what students are taught? A study on primary school curriculum development in Tanzania

Riho Palis, Uppsala University, Sweden
Identifying the factors for rebel institution-building: case study based on RENAMO activities in Mozambique civil war

Andrea Petitt, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, Sweden

Cattle women of the Kalahari: questioning cattle production as the citadel of male power in Botswana

Dashakti Reddy, University of Bergen, Norway

Sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) in Liberia. An investigation into the dual system of traditional and western healing

Guri Nordgreen Romtveit, University of Oslo, Norway

State building in South Sudan

Siv Rebekka Runhovde, University of Oslo, Norway
Controlling the illegal trade in wildlife from Uganda

Philipp Schulz, Uppsala University, Sweden

Fostering Reconciliation through Outreach of International Criminal Tribunals? Impact of the ICTR’s outreach activities on national reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda

Peter Sillén, Uppsala University, Sweden
Late Holocene Foragers in Southern Mozambique

Camilla Bruun Simonsen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Radio Mwambao FM - significance of a privately owned radio station for regional development in Tanga, Tanzania

Oghogho Christal Spel, University of Helsinki, Finland
Immigrants’ lives and welfare in South Africa: A study of the everyday life of immigrant street traders in Johannesburg

Voma Ralph Tafon, Södertörn University, Sweden
Actor-interface Analysis of International Development Interventions in Rural Cameroon: The Case of the Mount Cameroon National Park, Buea

Elise Malén Åland
, Telemark University College - Bø , Norway
Pan African cultural policies role in fostering creative industries

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