Awarded study scholarships 2014

Dominic Bonsu, University of Bergen, Department of Geography, Bergen, Norway. Project title: ”Transport and smallholdings─The implications of road access for subsistence agriculture: A comparative study of two subsistence communities in Northern Ghana.”

Flavie Chiwo Tembou, UiT– The Arctic University of Norway, Department of Archeology and Social Anthropology, Tromsø, Norway,   Project title: ”Mbororo rural immigration in western Cameroon: Case study of Bahouan.”

Daniel Grimshaw, Uppsala University, The Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala, Sweden. Project title: “Britain's role in the Herero and Nama Genocide, 1904-07.

Eemeli Isoaho, University of Helsinki, Department of Political and Economic Studies, Helsinki, Finland. Project title: The responsibility to protect and the African Union: A divide between diplomatic and forceful intervention.”

Thomas Wiik Kjendseth, University of Oslo, Faculty of Political Science, Oslo, Norway. Project title: “Marginalising the poor: How social and political exclusion can explain ... forced eviction.”

Jorge Llopis, University of Copenhagen, Centre of African Studies, Copenhagen S, Denmark. Project title:” A Political Economy of Deforestation in PK 32 Ranobe, Southwest Madagascar.”

Dashakti Reddy,University of Bergen, Faculty of Social Sciences, Bergen, Norway. Project title: “Sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) in Liberia. An investigation into the dual system of traditional and western healing.

Yulia Rudenko , Dalarna University College (Högskolan Dalarna), Falun, Sweden. Project title: “Analyzing education policy in Africa: Case study of Nigerian national education policy.”

Audhild Steinnes, University of Bergen, Department of Social Anthropology, Bergen, Norway. Project title: “How is peace possible? Peace as a social value in Djerem, Cameroon.”

Josep Watuleke, University of Agder, Department of Development Studies, Kristiansand, Norway. Project title: “From sustainability to sustainable development: The role of food/seed banks in agriculture development in Uganda. A case study of the hunger project - Mbale epicenter.”

Svetlanda Vender, Department of Culture, Media and Design, University of Dalarna, Falun, Sweden. Project title: “Sudanese-Russian relations during 1989-2011”.

Minttu Helena Salminen, Department of Social Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland. Project titel: “Social representations of female politicians in Cameroon.”

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