Awarded study scholarships 2013/Beviljade studiestipendier 2013

Abebaw Yirga Adamu, University of Tampere, School of Education, Finland.
Project title: “Ethnic and religious diversity in Ethiopian universities.”           

Wills Kalisha Ang’ong’o, NLA University College (Norsk Lærerakademi), Bergen, Norway.
Project title: “The teachers lived experience of teaching and relating to secondary school refugee girls as an opening to the understanding of the meaning of pedagogy in refugee contexts in Dadaab refugee camp – Kenya.”

Simon Daniel Eiriksson, University of Copenhagen, Department of Anthropology, Denmark.
Project title: “Policing the margins of the state: Community policing in Nairobi, Kenya.”

Kari Eliassen, University of Oslo, Department of Political Science, Oslo, Norway.
Project title: “The role of women in the reconciliation process in Zimbabwe.”

Mamley Vyda Hervie, University of Nordland, Faculty of Social Sciences, Bodø, Norway.
Project title: “Born without rights: Children with intellectual disabilities and social inclusion in Ghana”

Sara Linnèa Margaretha Häll, University of Tromsö, Centre for Peace Studies, Tromsö, Norway. Project title: “Sexual violence in Acholi sub-region, Uganda: Why do some survivors remain silent and forgotten?”

Erik Plänitz, University of Gothenburg, School of Global Studies, Sweden.
Project title: ”Impacts of Ghanaian oil exploitation on the local population in the Western Region.

Minna Rantama, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Finland.
Project title: “Gendered policing and international relations. Case: Tunisian policewomen in Sousse.”

Minttu Helena Salminen, University of Helsinki, Department of Social Sciences, Finland.
Project title: “Social representation of female politicians in Cameroon.”

Memory Jayne Tembo, University of Nordland,Faculty of Social Sciences, Bodø, Norway.
Project title: “Gender based violence in relation to the tradition of wife inheritance: The case of Malawi.”

Selamawit Bekele Woldemichael, Uppsala University, Department of Sociology, Uppsala, Sweden. Project title: “From rural Ethiopian villages to the Middle East: False promises and failed dreams.”

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