Awarded Scholarships 2019

African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Programme

Medinat Abdulazeez, Nigerian Defence Academy, Nigeria. Research project: ‘Challenges of post-conflict transformation: Stigmatization and struggle for reintegration amongst victims of terrorism in North Eastern Nigeria’.

Opeyemi Akinyemi, Covenant University, Nigeria. Research project: ‘Energy sustainability, green growth and the sustainable development agenda in Sub-Saharan Africa’.

Abosede Babatunde, University of Ilorin, Nigeria. Research project: ‘Oil conflict and ethnic politics in Nigeria’s Niger Delta’.

Nicholas Kilimani, Makerere University, Uganda. Research project: ‘Agro-climatic shocks, coping mechanisms and income diversification: Implications for household welfare in Uganda’.

Ivor Miller, University of Calabar, Nigeria. Research project: ‘The symbolic mask: Indigenous traditions of governance in the Cross River Region and its Atlantic diaspora’.

Lauren Paremoer, University of Cape Town, South Africa. Research project: ‘The importance of social citizenship in realizing health for all’.

Valence Silayo, Stella Maris University, Tanzania. Research project: ‘Water from the mountain of God and dynamics of the Kilimanjaro furrow system in Tanzania’.

Clayton Vhumbunu, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Research project: ‘Breaking the conflict trap in South Sudan: Towards a new conflictological paradigm’.


Nordic Scholarship Programme 2019

Nicolai Baumert, Lund University, Sweden. Research project: ‘Population dynamics in Western and Central Africa – Demographic transitions in British Nigeria and German Cameroon since 1889’.

Marc Dunnink, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Research project: ‘Africa’s sleeping giant; African issues in national elections. Political entrepreneurship in South Africa’s national elections’.

Saana Hansen, University of Helsinki, Finland. Research project: ‘Seeking decent belonging and formal recognition: Exploring the dynamics of returnee emplacement in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’.

Jenny Lorentzen, Lund University, Sweden. Research project: ‘Norm-translation in war-to-peace transitions: Women, peace and security in Mali’.

Ilona Steiler, University of Helsinki, Finland. Research project: ‘Setting work to rights: The re-construction of the Tanzanian popular economy’.

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