Research Reports

Research reports are no longer produced. However, previous publications in the series are available for free download.

Weiss, Holger Begging and almsgiving in Ghana: Muslim positions towards poverty and distress 2007
Therborn, Göran African families in a global context 2006
Bull-Christiansen, Lene Tales of the nation: feminist nationalism or patriotic history? 2004
Lundahl, Mats Globalization and the Southern African economies 2004
Olukotun, Ayo Repressive state and resurgent media under Nigeris's military dictatorship, 1988-98 2004
Agbu, Osita Ethnic militias and the threat to democracy in post-transition Nigeria 2004
Kelsall, Tim Contentious politics, local governance and the self: a Tanzanian case study 2004
Akindès, Francis The roots of the military-political crises in Côte d'Ivoire 2004
Schlyter, Ann Multi-habitation: urban housing and everyday life in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe 2003
Leith, J. Clark ; Söderling, Ludvig Ghana - long term growth, atrophy and stunted recovery 2003
Mans, Minette Music as instrument of diversity and unity: notes on a Namibian landscape 2003
Kamete, Amin Y. Governing the poor in Harare, Zimbabwe: shifting perceptions and changing responses 2002
Chitando, Ezra Singing culture: a study of gospel music in Zimbabwe 2002
Bigsten, Arne ; Kayizzi-Mugerwa, Steve Is Uganda an emerging economy?: a report for the OECD project "Emerging Africa" 2001
Bigsten, Arne ; Danielson, Anders Tanzania: is the ugly duckling finally growing up? 2001
Amanor, Kojo Sebastian Land, labour and the family in southern Ghana: a critique of land policy under neo-liberalisation 2001
Mupedziswa, Rodreck ; Gumbo, Perpetua Women informal traders in Harare and the struggle for survival in an environment of economic reforms 2001
Obi, Cyril The changing forms of identity politics in Nigeria under economic adjustment: the case of the oil minorities movement of the Niger Delta 2001
Kanyinga, Karuti Re-distribution from above: the politics of land rights and squatting in coastal Kenya 2000
Andersson, Per-Åke ; Bigsten, Arne ; Persson, Håkan Foreign aid, debt and growth in Zambia 2000
Sachikonye, Lloyd M. Restructuring or de-industrializing?: Zimbabwe's textile and metal industries under structural adjustment 1999
Gaidzanwa, Rudo B. Voting with their feet: migrant Zimbabwean nurses and doctors in the era of structural adjustment 1999
Schlyter, Ann Recycled inequalities: youth and gender in George compound, Zambia 1999
Hashim, Yahaya ; Meagher, Kate Cross-border trade and the parallel currency market - trade and finance in the context of structural adjustment: a case study from Kano, Nigeria 1999
Ongile, Grace Atieno Gender and agricultural supply responses to structural adjustment programmes: a case study of smallholder tea producers in Kericho, Kenya 1999
Amanor, Kojo Sebastian Global restructuring and land rights in Ghana: forest food chains, timber and rural livelihoods 1999
Egwu, Samuel G. Structural adjustment, agrarian change and rural ethnicity in Nigeria 1998
Bijlmakers, Leon A. ; Basset, Mary T. ; Sanders, David M. Socioeconomic stress, health and child nutritional status in Zimbabwe at a time of economic structural adjustment: a three-year longitudinal study 1998
Chiwele, Dennis K. ; Muyatwa-Sipula, Pumulo ; Kalinda, Henrietta Private sector response to agricultural marketing liberalisation in Zambia: a case study of Eastern Province maize market 1998
Mupedziswa, Rodreck ; Gumbo, Perpetua Structural adjustment and women informal sector traders in Harare, Zimbabwe 1998
Olukoshi, Adebayo O. The elusive prince of Denmark: structural adjustment and the crisis of governance in Africa 1998
Rwebangira, Magdalena K. The legal status of women and poverty in Tanzania 1996
Bijlmakers, Leon A. ; Basset, Mary T. ; Sanders, David M. Health and structural adjustment in rural and urban Zimbabwe 1996
Soiri, Iina The radical motherhood: Namibian women's independence struggle 1996
Osaghae, Eghosa E. Structural adjustment and ethnicity in Nigeria 1995
Kanyinga, Karuti (et al.) The new local level politics in East Africa: studies on Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya 1994
Odén, Bertil Namibia and external resources: the case of Swedish development assistance 1994
Moritz, Lena Trade and industrial policies in the new South Africa 1994
Chachage, Chachage Seithy L. ; Ericsson, Magnus ; Gibbon, Peter Mining and structural adjustment: studies on Zimbabwe and Tanzania 1993
Eriksson, Gun Peasant response to price incentives in Tanzania: a theoretical and empirical investigation 1993
Neocosmos, Michael The agrarian question in Southern Africa and "Accumulation from below": economics and politics in the struggle for democracy 1993
Vaa, Mariken Towards more appropriate technologies?: experiences from the water and sanitation sector 1993
Gefu, Jerome O. Pastoralist perspectives in Nigeria: the Fulbe of Udubo Grazing Reserve 1992
Heino, Timo-Erkki Politics on paper: Finland's South Africa policy 1945-1991 1992
Holmén, Hans State, cooperatives and development in Africa 1990
Zetterqvist, Jenny Refugees in Botswana in the light of international law 1990
Rwelamira, Medard Refugees in a chess game: reflections on Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland refugee policies 1990
Smith, Charles David Did colonialism capture the peasantry?: a case study of the Karega district, Tanzania 1989
Hedlund, Stefan ; Lundahl, Mats Ideology as a determinant of economic systems: Nyerere and ujamaa in Tanzania 1989
Lindskog, Per ; Lundqvist, Jan Why poor children stay sick: the human ecology of child health and welfare in rural Malawi 1989
Lopes, Carlos ; Rudebeck, Lars The socialist ideal in Africa: a debate 1988
Hermele, Kenneth Land struggles & social differentiation in Southern Mozambique 1988
Suliman, Hassan Sayed The nationalist movements in the Maghrib: a comparative approach 1987
Andræ, Gunilla ; Beckman, Björn Industry goes farming: the Nigerian raw material crisis and the case of textiles and cotton 1987
Saasa, Oliver S. Zambia's policies towards foreign investment: the case of the mining and non-mining sectors 1987
Bhagavan, Malur Ramanna Angola's political economy 1975-1985 1986
Östberg, Wilhelm The Kondoa transformation: coming to grips with soil erosion in Central Tanzania 1986
Fadahunsi, Akin The development process and technology: a case for a resources based development strategy in Nigeria 1986
Kameir, El-Wathig ; Kursany, Ibrahim Corruption as a "fifth" factor of production in the Sudan 1985
Bhagavan, Malur Ramanna The energy sector in SADCC countries: policies, priorities and options in the context of the African crisis 1985
Davies, Robert South African strategy towards Mozambique in the post-Nkomati period: a critical analysis of effects and implications 1985
Gasarasi, Charles P. The tripartite approach to the resettlement and integration of rural refugees in Tanzania 1984
Kjærby, Finn Problems and contradictions in the development of ox-cultivation in Tanzania 1983
Sano, Hans-Otto The political economy of food in Nigeria 1960-1982: a discussion on peasants, state and world economy 1983
Hedlund, Hans ; Lundahl, Mats Migration and change in rural Zambia 1983
Kibreab, Gaim Reflections on the African refugee problem: a critical analysis of some basic assumptions 1983
Haarløv, Jens Labour regulation and black workers' struggles in South Africa 1983
Tostensen, Arne Dependence and collective self-reliance in southern Africa: the case of the Southern African development coordination conference (SADCC) 1982
Westerlund, David From socialism to Islam?: Notes on Islam as a political factor in contemporary Africa 1982
Nobel, Peter Refugee law in the Sudan: with the refugee conventions and the regulation of Asylum act of 1974 1982
Matshazi, Meshack Jongilanga ; Tillfors, Christina A survey of workers' education activities in Zimbabwe, 1980-1981 1982
Rudebeck, Lars Problèmes de pouvoir populaire et de développement: transition difficile en Guinée-Bissau 1982
Odén, Bertil The macroeconomic position of Botswana 1981
Isaksen, Jan Macro-economic management and bureaucracy: the case of Botswana 1981
Green, Reginald Herbold From Südwestafrika to Namibia: the political economy of transition 1981
Melander, Göran Refugees in Somalia 1980
Bhagavan, Malur Ramanna Angola: prospects for socialist industrialisation 1980
Beshir, Mohamed Omer Diversity regionalism and national unity 1979
Bhagavan, Malur Ramanna A critique of "appropriate" technology for underdeveloped countries 1979
Bhagavan, Malur Ramanna Inter-relations between technological choices and industrial strategies in third world countries 1979
Brandström, Per ; Hultin, Jan ; Lindström, Jan Aspects of agro-pastoralism in East Africa 1979
Torp, Jens Erik Industrial planning and development in Mozambique: some preliminary considerations 1979
Simson, Howard Zimbabwe: a country study 1979
Egerö, Bertil Colonization and migration: a summary of border-crossing movements in Tanzania before 1967 1979
Eriksen, Tore Linné Modern African history: some historiographical observations 1979
Jönsson, Lars La révolution agraire en Algérie: historique, contenu et problèmes 1978
Bhagavan, Malur Ramanna Zambia: impact of industrial strategy on regional imbalance and social inequality 1978
Abdel-Rahim, Muddathir Changing patterns of civilian-military relations in the Sudan 1978
Aaby, Peter The state of Guinea-Bissau: African socialism or socialism in Africa? 1978
Sjöström, Margareta ; Sjöström, Rolf Literacy schools in a rural society: a study of Yemissrach Dimts literacy campaign in Ethiopia 1977
Ståhl, Michael New seeds in old soil: study of the land reform process in Western Wollega, Ethiopia 1975-76 1977
Carlsson, Jerker Transnational companies in Liberia: the role of transnational companies in the economic development of Liberia 1977
Egerö, Bertil Mozambique and Angola: reconstruction in the social sciences 1977
Holmberg, Johan Grain marketing and land reform in Ethiopia: an analysis of the marketing and pricing of food grains in 1976 after the land reform 1977
Hansen, Holger Bernt Ethnicity and military rule in Uganda: a study of ethnicity as a political factor in Uganda, based on a discussion of political anthropology and the application of its results 1977
Green, Reginald Herbold Toward socialism and self reliance: Tanzania's striving for sustained transition projected 1977
Ghai, Yash P. Reflections on law and economic integration in East Africa 1976
Lundström, Karl Johan North-eastern Ethiopia: society in famine 1976
Pipping, Knut ; Chale, H. F. Land holding in the Usangu plain: a survey of two villages in the southern highlands of Tanzania 1976
Magnusson, Åke The voice of South Africa 1976
Clayton, Anthony The 1948 Zanzibar general strike 1976
Okereke, Okoro Agrarian development programmes of African countries: a reappraisal of problems of policy 1975
Esh, Tina ; Rosenblum, Illith Tourism in developing countries: trick or treat? 1975
Frantz, Charles Pastoral societies, stratification, and national integration in Africa 1975
Kjekshus, Helge The elected elite: a socio-economic profile of candidates in Tanzania's parliamentary election, 1970 1975
Kirk-Greene, Anthony Hamilton Millard The genesis of the Nigerian civil war and the theory of fear 1975
Ndongko, Wilfred A. Regional economic planning in Cameroon 1974
Francke, Anita Kibaha farmers' training centre: impact study 1965-1968 1974
Magnusson, Åke Swedish investments in South Africa 1974
Pipping-van Hulten, Ida An episode of colonial history: the German press in Tanzania 1974
Aasland, Tertit On the move-to-the-left in Uganda 1969-1971: the Common man's charter - dissemination and attitude 1974
Nellis, John R. The ethnic composition of leading Kenyan government positions 1974
Lundqvist, Jan ; Bjelkevik, Bernice The economic structure of Morogoro town: some sectoral and regional characteristics of a medium-sized African town 1973
Linné, Olga An evaluation of the Kenya science teachers college: Phase 2, 1970-71 1973
Bondestam, Lars Some notes on African statistics: collection, reliability and interpretation 1973
Sjöström, Rolf ; Sjöström, Margareta YDLC - a literacy campaign in Ethiopia: an introductory study and a plan for further research 1973
Hall, Budd L. Wakati wa Furaha: an evaluation of a radio study group campaign 1973
Ståhl, Michael Contradictions in agricultural development: a study of three minimum package projects in southern Ethiopia 1973
Føge Jensen, Peter Soviet research on Africa with special reference to international relations 1973
Lodhi, Abdulaziz Y. The institution of slavery in Zanzibar and Pemba 1973
Hägg, Ingemund Some State-Controlled Industrial Companies in Tanzania. A Case Study 1971
Selinus, Ruth The Traditional Foods of the Central Ethiopian Highlands 1971
Eldblom, Lars Land tenure - social organization and structure: a comparative sample study of the socio-economic life in the three Libyan oases of Ghat, Mourzouk and Ghadamès 1971
Bjerén, Gunilla Some theoretical and methodological aspects of the study of African urbanization 1971
Møberg, Jens Peter Report Concerning the Soil Profile Investigation and Collection of Soil Samples in the West Lake Region of Tanzania 1970
Bjerén, Gunilla Makelle (Ethiopia) elementary school drop-out 1967 1969
Carlsson, Gunnar Bethonic fauna in African watercourses, with special reference to black-fly populations 1968
Meyer-Heiselberg, Richard Notes from Liberated African Department in the Archives at Fourah Bay College, Freetown, Sierra Leone 1967
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