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NAI Discussion Papers are no longer produced. However, previous publications in the series are available for free download. Follow the links to the download page where the publications can be ordered as print on demand as well.

Gelot, Linnea ; Eriksson, Mikael (red.) The African Union in Light of the Arab Revolts: An appraisal of the foreign policy and security objectives of South Africa, Ethiopia and Algeria 2013
Okonta, Ike Biafran ghosts: The MASOB Ethnic Militia and Nigeria’s Democratisation Process 2012
Li, Anshan (et al.) FOCAC Twelve Years Later: Achievements, Challenges and the Way Forward 2012
Holmqvist, Göran Inequality and Identity: Causes of War? 2012
Bereketeab, Redie Self-Determination and Secessionism in Somaliland and South Sudan: Challenges to Postcolonial State-building 2012
Ebobrah, Solomon T. Reconceptualising Democratic Local Governance in the Niger Delta 2011
Mengisteab, Kidane Critical Factors in the Horn of Africa's Raging Conflicts 2011
Darkwa, Linda The Challenge of Sub-Regional Security in West Africa : The case of the 2006 ECOWAS convention on small arms and light weapons 2011
Omotola, J. Shola Unconstitutional changes of government in Africa. What Implications for Democratic Consolidation? 2011
Adebanwi, Wale Globally Oriented Citizenship and International Voluntary Service 2011
Lund, Christian Land rights and citizenship in Africa 2011
Rudebeck, Lars Electoral Democratisation in Post-Civil War Guinea-Bissau 1999 - 2008 2011
Arowosegbe, Jeremiah O. Reflections on the Challenge of Reconstructing Post-Conflict States in West Africa: Insights From Claude Ake’s Political Writings 2011
Meyer, Angela Peace and Security Cooperation in Central Africa: Developments, Challenges and Prospects 2011
Odén, Bertil The Africa policies of Nordic countries and the erosion of the Nordic aid model: a comparative study 2011
Adong, Florence Odora Recovery and Development Politics: Options for Sustainable Peacebuilding in Northern Uganda 2011
Agbu, Osita A. Ethnicity and Democratisation in Africa: Challenges for Politics and Development 2011
Hendricks, Cheryl Gender and Security in Africa: An Overview 2011
Olukoshi, Adebayo O. Democratic Governance and Accountability in Africa: In Search of a Workable Framework 2011
Okeke, Jide Why Humanitarian Aid in Darfur is not a Practice of the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ 2011
Ndlovu-Gatsheni, Sabelo J. The Zimbabwean Nation-State Project: A Historical Diagnosis of Identity and Power-based Conflicts in a Postcolonial State 2011
Sebudubudu, David ; Molutsi, Patrick The Elite as a Critical Factor in National Development: The case of Botswana 2011
Murunga, Godwin R. Spontaneous or premeditated?: Post-Election Violence in Kenya 2011
Hunsu, Folashade Zangbeto: Navigating Between the Spaces of Oral Art, Communal Security and Conflict Mediation in Badagry, Nigeria 2011
Li, Anshan Chinese medical cooperation in Africa: With special emphasis on the medical teams and anti-malaria campaign 2011
Simone, AbdouMaliq The Social Infrastructures of City Life in Contemporary Africa 2010
Myers, Garth Andrew Seven Themes in African Urban Dynamics 2010
Ahonsi, Babatunde A. Gender Violence and HIV/AIDS in Post-Conflict West Africa: Issues and responses 2010
Tar, Usman A. ; Shettima, Abba Gana Endangered democracy?: The struggle over secularism and its implications for politics and democracy in Nigeria 2010
Marafa, Lawal Mohammed Africa’s Business and Development Relationship with China: Seeking Moral and Capital Values of the Last Economic Frontier 2009
Sandrey, Ron ; Edinger, Hannah Examining the South Africa–China agricultural trading relationship 2009
Gao, Xuan The proliferation of anti-dumping and poor governance in emerging economies: case studies of China and South Africa 2009
Courson, Elias Movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND): political marginalization, repression and petro-insurgency in the Niger Delta 2009
Van Wyk, Jo-Ansie Cadres, capitalists, elites and coalitions: The ANC, business and development in South Africa 2009
Ismail, Olawale Dynamics of post-conflict reconstruction and peace building in West Africa: between change and stability 2009
Chitando, Anna Imagining a peaceful society: a vision of children's literature in a post-conflict Zimbabwe 2008
Söderbaum, Fredrik ; Taylor, Ian Micro-regionalism in West Africa: evidence from two case studies 2007
Wohlgemuth, Lennart ; Melber, Henning On Africa: scholars and African studies 2007
Sesay, Amadu Does one size fit all?: the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission revisited 2007
Melber, Henning Governance and state delivery in Southern Africa: examples from Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe 2007
Hulterström, Karolina ; Kamete, Amin Y. ; Melber, Henning Political opposition in African countries: the cases of Kenya, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe 2007
Obi, Cyril Perspectives on Côte d'Ivoire: between political breakdown and post-conflict peace 2007
Lukalo, Fibian Kavulani Extended handshake or wrestling match?: youth and urban culture celebrating politics in Kenya 2006
Brüntrup, Michael ; Melber, Henning ; Taylor, Ian Africa, regional cooperation and the world market: socio-economic strategies in times of global trade regimes 2006
Negash, Tekeste Education in Ethiopia: from crisis to the brink of collapse 2006
Dansereau, Suzanne ; Zamponi, Mario ; Melber, Henning Zimbabwe - the political economy of decline 2005
Palmberg, Mai ; Primorac, Ranka Skinning the skunk - facing Zimbabwean futures 2005
Buur, Lars ; Kyed, Helene Maria State recognition of traditional authority in Mozambique: the nexus of community representation and state assistance 2005
Eriksson, Hans ; Hagströmer, Björn Chad - towards democratisation or petro-dictatorship? 2005
Campbell, Bonnie K. ; Akabzaa, Thomas M. ; Butler, Paula Regulating mining in Africa: for whose benefit? 2004
Bond, Patrick (red.) South Africa and global apartheid: continental and international policies and politics 2004
Kappel, Robert Structural stability in an African context 2003
Good, Kenneth Bushmen and diamonds: (un)civil society in Botswana 2003
Kössler, Reinhart ; Melber, Henning ; Strand, Per Development from below: a Namibian case study 2003
Hendricks, Fred T. Fault-lines in South African democracy: continuing crises of inequality and injustice 2003
Okuku, Juma Ethnicity, state power and the democratisation process in Uganda 2002
Melber, Henning The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD): African perspectives 2002
Davids, Yul Derek ; Melber, Henning Measuring democracy and human rights in Southern Africa 2002
Legassick, Martin Armed struggle and democracy: the case of South Africa 2002
Brock-Utne, Birgit Language, democracy and education in Africa 2002
Melber, Henning Zimbabwe's presidential elections 2002: evidence, lessons and implications 2002
Neocosmos, Michael (et al.) Political cultures in democratic South Africa 2002
Dahl, Gudrun Responsibility and partnership in Swedish aid discourse 2001
Diagne, Souleymane Bachir (et al.) (red.) Identity and beyond: rethinking Africanity 2001
Nzongola-Ntalaja, Georges ; Suttner, Raymond Africa in the new millenium 2001
Melber, Henning ; Saunders, Christopher Transition in Southern Africa: comparative aspects 2001
Melber, Melber (red.) Regionalism and regional integration in Africa: a debate of current aspects and issues 2001
Leys, Colin ; Mamdani, Mahmood Crises and reconstruction - African perspectives: two lectures 1997
Odén, Bertil Southern African futures: critical factors for regional development in Southern Africa 1996
Lopes, Carlos Enough is enough! For an alternative diagnosis of the African crisis 1994
Dahlberg, Annika Contesting views and changing paradigms: the land degradation debate in Southern Africa 1994
Egerö, Bertil South Africa's bantustans: from dumping grounds to battlefronts 1991
Gustafsson, Hans ; Odén, Bertil ; Tegen, Andreas South African minerals: an analysis of Western dependence 1990
Tjønneland, Elling Njål Pax Pretoriana: the fall of apartheid and the politics of regional destabilisation 1989
Hermele, Kenneth ; Odén, Bertil Sanction dilemmas: some implications of economic sanctions against South Africa 1988
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