Policy Dialogue

NAI Policy Dialogues are no longer produced. However, previous publications in the series are available for free download. Follow the links to the download page where the publications can be ordered as print on demand as well.

Aeby, Michael SADC – the southern arrested development community?: enduring challenges to peace and security in Southern Africa 2019
Bereketeab, Redie The Ethiopia-Eritrea Rapprochement: Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa 2019
Adetula, Victor A. O. ; Bereketeab, Redie ; Jaiyebo, Olugbemi Regional economic communities and peacebuilding in Africa: the experiences of ECOWAS and IGAD 2016
Follér, Maj-Lis (et al.) WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?: Donor-civil society partnerships and the case of hiv/aids work 2013
Nlandu Mayamba Mbuya, Thierry Building a Police Force "for the good" in DR Congo: Questions that still haunt reformers and reform beneficiaries 2013
Gelot, Linnéa ; Gelot, Ludwig ; de Coning, Cedric (red.) Supporting African peace operations 2012
Eriksson Baaz, Maria ; Utas, Mats (red.) Beyond ”Gender and Stir”: Reflections on gender and SSR in the aftermath of African conflicts 2012
Vainio, Antti Market-based and Rights-based Approaches to the Informal Economy: A comparative analysis of the policy implications 2012
Vogiazides, Louisa 'Legal Empowerment of the Poor' versus 'Right to the City': Implications for access to housing in urban Africa 2012
Eriksson Baaz, Maria ; Stern, Maria La complexité de la violence: Analyse critique des violences sexuelles en République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) 2011
Utas, Mats Sexual abuse survivors and the complex of traditional healing: (G)local prospects in the aftermath of an African war 2009
Zack-Williams, Alfred ; Cheru, Fantu The quest for sustainable development and peace: the 2007 Sierra Leone elections 2008
Utas, Mats ; Persson, Mariam ; Coulter, Chris Young female fighters in African wars: conflict and its consequences 2008
Havnevik, Kjell (et al.) African Agriculture and The World Bank: Development or Impoverishment? 2007
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