Current African Issues

This series aims to address topical issues in and about Africa by providing in-depth research-based analysis relevant for Africa and for the global community.

This is an occasional peer-reviewed series, which is endorsed internally and reviewed externally. Publications have an individual ISBN to facilitate citation.

The series is available for free download. Follow the links to the download page where the publications can be ordered as print on demand as well.

Otto, Opira ; Isinika, Aida ; Musahara, Herman (red.) Land tenure dynamics in East Africa: changing practices and rights to land 2019
Oestigaard, Terje Rainbows, pythons and waterfalls: heritage, poverty and sacrifice among the Busoga, Uganda 2019
Seide, Wondwosen Michago The Nuer pastoralists: between large scale agriculture and villagization : a case study of the Lare District in the Gambella Region of Ethiopia 2017
Watuleke, Joseph The Role of Food Banks in Food Security in Uganda: the Case of the Hunger Project Food Bank, Mbale Epicentre 2015
Oestigaard, Terje Dammed divinities: the water powers at Bujagali Falls, Uganda 2015
Adetula, Victor A. O. African conflicts, development and regional organisations in the post-Cold War international system: the annual Claude Ake memorial lecture : Uppsala, Sweden 30 January 2014 2015
Beyene, Atakilte (red.) Agricultural water institutions in East Africa 2015
Lindberg, Emy Youth and the labour market in Liberia: on history, state structures and spheres of informalities 2014
Wallin, Marianna Resettled for Development: The Case of New Halfa Agricultural Scheme, Sudan 2014
Mahgoub, Farida Current Status of Agriculture and Future Challenges in Sudan 2014
Gessesse, Dessie Favouring a Demonised Plant: Khat and Ethiopian smallholder enterprises 2013
Amankwaah, Clementina Election-Related Violence: The Case of Ghana 2013
Tucker, Boima Musical Violence: Gangsta Rap and Politics in Sierra Leone 2013
Mbabazi, Pamela K. The Oil Industry in Uganda; A Blessing in Disguise or an all Too Familiar Curse?: The 2012 Claude Ake Memorial Lecture 2013
Nilsson, David Sweden-Norway at the Berlin Conference 1884–85: History, national identity-making and Sweden's relations with Africa 2013
Fellesson, Måns ; Mählck, Paula Academics on the Move: Mobility and Institutional Change in the Swedish Development Support to Research Capacity Building in Mozambique 2013
Olanya, David Ross From Global Land Grabbing for Biofuels to Acquisitions of African Water for Commercial Agriculture 2012
Oestigaard, Terje Water Scarcity and Food Security along the Nile: Politics, population increase and climate change 2012
Lindell, Ilda Transnational Activism Networks and Gendered Gatekeeping: Negotiating Gender in an African Association of Informal Workers 2011
Abutudu, Musa ; Garuba, Dauda Natural Resource Governance and EITI Implementation In Nigeria 2011
Minter, William African Migration, Global Inequalities, and Human Rights: Connecting the Dots 2011
Maghimbi, Sam ; Lokina, Razack B. ; Senga, Mathew A. The Agrarian Question in Tanzania?: A State of the Art Paper 2011
Hårsmar, Mats Understanding poverty in Africa?: A navigation through disputed concepts, data and terrains 2010
Kuwali, Dan Persuasive prevention: Towards a Principle for Implementing Article 4(h) and R2P by the African Union 2009
Volman, Daniel China, India, Russia and the United States: The Scramble for African Oil and the Militarization of the Continent 2009
Adepoju, Aderanti Migration in sub-Saharan Africa 2008
Holmberg, Johan Natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa: assets and vulnerabilities 2008
Bigsten, Arne ; Durevall, Dick The African economy and its role in the world economy 2008
Malmberg, Bo Demography and the development potential of sub-Saharan Africa 2008
Cheru, Fantu Africa's development in the 21st century: Reshaping the research agenda 2008
Jassey, Katja ; Nyanzi, Stella How to be a 'proper' woman in the time of AIDS 2007
Lee, Margaret C. ; Melber, Henning China in Africa 2007
King, Nathaniel Conflict as integration: youth aspiration to personhood in the teleology of Sierra Leone's 'senseless war' 2007
Olsson, Claes The Western Sahara conflict: the role of natural resources in decolonization 2006
Fombad, Charles Manga ; Kebonang, Zein ; Melber, Henning AU, NEPAD and the APRM: democratisation efforts explored 2006
Melber, Henning Trade, development, cooperation: what future for Africa? 2005
Lazarus, Jeffrey V. Models for life: advancing antiretroviral therapy in sub-Saharan Africa 2005
Ebeku, Kaniye S. A. The succession of Faure Gnassingbe to the Togolese presidency: an international law perspective 2005
Nzongola-Ntalaja, Georges From Zaire to the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2004
Melber, Henning Media, public discourse and political contestation in Zimbabwe 2004
Mohamoda, Dahilon Yassin Nile Basin cooperation: a review of the literature 2003
Melber, Henning The new African initiative and the African Union: a preliminary assessment and documentation 2001
Reyntjens, Filip Again at the crossroads: Rwanda and Burundi, 2000-2001 2001
Reyntjens, Filip Small states in an unstable region: Rwanda and Burundi, 1999-2000 2000
Weiss, Herbert F. War and peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2000
Reyntjens, Filip Talking or fighting?: political evolution in Rwanda and Burundi, 1998-1999 1999
Nzongola-Ntalaja, Georges From Zaire to the Democratic Republic of the Congo 1998
Dunton, Chris ; Palmberg, Mai Human rights and homosexuality in Southern Africa 1996
Nordberg, Erik ; Winblad, Uno Urban environmental health and hygiene in sub-Saharan Africa 1994
Červenka, Zdenek ; Legum, Colin (red.) Can national dialogue break the power of terror in Burundi?: report on the impact of the international conference National Dialogue held in Bujumbura on May 15-18 [1994] on Burundian efforts to restore democratic process in the country 1994
Diallo, Garba Mauritania - the other apartheid? 1993
Červenka, Zdenek (red.) African National Congress meets Eastern Europe: a dialogue on common experiences 1992
Chikhi, Said Algeria: from mass rebellion in October 1988 to workers' social protest 1991
Gutto, Shadrack B. O. Human and peoples' rights in Africa: myths, realities and prospects 1991
Odén, Bertil Namibia's economic links to South Africa 1991
Bongartz, Maria The civil war in Somalia: its genesis and dynamics 1991
Campbell, Horace The siege of Cuito Cuanavale 1990
Baker, Jonathan Ethiopia's road to perestroika: in search of the end of the rainbow? 1990
Tvedten, Inge The war in Angola: internal conditions for peace and recovery 1989
Wilmot, Patrick Nigeria's Southern Africa policy 1960-1988 1989
Thompson, Carol B. Regional economic policy under crisis conditions: the case of the Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC) 1986
Bush, Ray ; Kibble, S Destabilisation in Southern Africa, an Overview 1985
Egerö, Bertil Mozambique and the Southern African Struggle for Liberation 1985
Naur, Maja Social and Organisational Change in Libya 1982
Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Peasants and Agricultural Production in Africa. A Nordic Research Seminar. Follow-up Reports and Discussions 1981
Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, South Africa, the West and the Frontline States: Report from a Seminar 1981
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