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The Nordic Africa Institute currently publishes three publication series: Current African Issues, Policy Notes and Africa Now (co-published). We also publish Occasional Papers.

Africa Now

Africa Now is an exciting series published by NAI in association with Zed Books. Featuring high-quality, cutting-edge research from leading academics, the series will address the big issues confronting Africa today.

Accessible but in-depth and wide-ranging, Africa Now will engage with the critical political, economic, sociological and development debates affecting the continent, shedding new light on pressing concerns. Please e-mail your comments to nai@nai.uu.se.

The series is available from Zed Books.

Policy Notes

NAI Policy Notes is a series of short briefs on policy relevant issues concerning Africa today. Aimed at professionals working within aid agencies, ministries of foreign affairs, NGOs and media, these reports aim to inform public debate and to generate input into the sphere of policymaking.

The writers are researchers and scholars engaged in African issues and are drawn from several disciplines. Most have an institutional connection to the Nordic Africa Institute or its research networks.

To ensure the accuracy and relevance of the topics in these reports, the Nordic Africa Institute welcomes inputs and suggestions from readers, particularly policymakers. Each Policy Note has a unique ISBN to facilitate citation. Please e-mail your comments to nai@nai.uu.se.

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Current African Issues

This series aims to address topical issues in and about Africa by providing in-depth research-based analysis relevant for Africa and for the global community.

This is an occasional series, which is endorsed and reviewed internally. Publications have an individual ISBN to facilitate citation.

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Most publications are free for download

The Nordic Africa Institute has more than 900 publications available for free download as pdfs in the DiVA-archive.
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