Publications profile

Through its publications services, the Institute disseminates research and qualified information about Africa by publishing high quality manuscripts on Africa , with an emphasis on the social sciences, submitted by:
  • Researchers at the Institute and from projects initiated by the Institute
  • Manuscripts from Nordic and African researchers within the Institute’s network
  • Manuscripts from other Nordic and African researchers
  • Other academic manuscripts

All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by two external reviewers before being accepted for publishing at the Institute.

The Institute publishes

  1. monographs and edited volumes
  2. the Following series:
  • Current African Issues
  • Discussion Papers
  • Research Reports
  • Studies on Emergency and Disaster Relief
  • Document de Recherche
  • Afrikafakta

The Institute does not publish

  • fiction
  • dictionaries
  • doctoral theses

The Institute has an editorial committee consisting of one representative from each Nordic country (Denmark , Finland , Norway and Sweden). The committee members represent different academic disciplines and expertise covering different geographical areas.

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