Post-Conflict Transition, the State and Civil Society in Africa

Project co-ordinator: Cyril I. Obi
Project established in 2005 and completed in 2011

The main objective of this research programme – initially launched in February 2001, and re-launched in February 2005 – is to evaluate, debate and interrogate the transition from conflict to post-conflict in Africa, and come up with concrete suggestions for the consolidation of democracy, justice and peace on the continent. This is against the background of many African countries having passed through rather destructive civil wars. The imperative of post-cold war reconstruction of fractured polities, damaged economies and divided societies, and the entire process of healing old wounds remain writ large on the continent. The emphasis will be on an incisive study of post-conflict transitions in West Africa – one of the most conflict-prone and unstable sub-regions in Africa.

The programme undertakes a critique of the frameworks within which political and economic reconstruction has been taking place and brings to the fore their likely implications.




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