Politics of paper(lessnes)s: relational knowledge, solidarity action and bodies on the move

Researcher: Anitta Kynsilehto
Started in 2015

Undocumented or irregular migration is perceived as a problem for the established society. Irregularity as such is also a severe problem for people who are in an administratively irregular situation, due to their hampered access to basic rights such as accommodation, education, health and work. This project is interested in a variety of actions and actors for enhancing migrants’ access to rights with a focus on selected migration hubs in Morocco, Algeria and Mali.

The project examines relational practices of knowledge formation in spaces that are conventionally characterized as absent from any political sphere. With its emphasis on the possibilities for corporeal and narrative agency enacted by ‘undocumented’ migrants, it seeks to better understand possibilities for political agency in these sites. In so doing, it asks what kinds of knowledge(s) are produced in the selected sites. The project draws on the notion of intersectionality to investigate various social categories and categorizations at play in the interaction between mobile individuals, solidarity actors, and the researcher. Beyond its empirical focus, hence, the project seeks to contribute to theoretical debates about political agency and intersectionality within mobility studies, critical border studies and political theory.

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