Emerging Powers – BRICS and Africa Engagements

Researcher: Fantu Cheru

The aim of this project was to develop a long-term research strategy on the influence of the emerging ‘Southern powers’, such as China, India and Brazil, on the future trajectories of Africa’s development, and to explore ways on how African nations can take advantage of the growing economic engagement of the BRICS countries with the continent. Drawing together researchers from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the team examines the growing relationship between the BRICS and Africa through eight critical channels of engagement: trade, banking and finance, extractive industries, energy, aid, cultural and resource diplomacy, agriculture, military/security cooperation, and BRICS-Africa cooperation in the multilateral system.

The outputs from the project can be found in DiVA (academic archive, opens in new window).

Lead Researcher: fcheru@american.edu

Affiliates: Professor Liu Haifang, Peking University (liuhaifang@pku.edu.cn)

Dr. Alexandra Arkhangelskaya, Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Renu Modi, Mumbai University, (africamumbai@gmail.com)

Sanusha Naidu, Open Society Institute, (sanusha.naidu@gmail.com)

Macello Mercado (marcelocr@uoc.com.br)

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