Academic Mobility and Career Development of PhD Scholars in Ethiopia

Researcher: Getnet Fetene

This is part of larger project carried out in collaboration with two Swedish professors: Paula Mählck and Måns Fellesson. The project seeks to conduct a kind of longitudinal tracer study regarding the academic mobility and career development of PhD scholars who pursued their PhD studies with the assistance of Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). To that effect, the project tries to examine the gendered patterns of social and transitional mobility over time (e.g. in which research areas and in what positions are the PhD graduates at present? How are mobility patterns are gendered?) The project further attempts  to look into the transitional mobility for gender equality in academic careers  (e.g., what was the experience of transnational academic mobility during PhD training with regard to academic working conditions and integration into transnational academic networks? What are the driving forces behind individual mobility and career choices and to what extent can these be linked to the systematic changes in higher education locally and globally? Can gendered patterns be identified?)

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