Finalized research projects

AIDS Orphans of Africa: Victims or Vestiges of Hope
1998–2003, conducted by Bawa Yamba
The African Union (AU) and Civilian Protection
2011-2015, conducted by Linnéa Gelot

AU Waging Peace? Explaining the Militarization of the African Peace and Security Architecture
2016-2017, co-ordinated by Linnea Gelot (formerly Bergholm) and Mikael Eriksson.

Between Big Man Politics and Democratisation: Local Perceptions and Individual Agency in Processes of Electoral Violence
(started in 2012).  Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs, Jesper Bjarnesen, Mats Utas, Jonathan Hall and Angela Muvumba Sellström.

Beyond Poverty: an insight into the informal solid waste recycling sector in Kaduna, Nigeria
2010-2014,  conducted by Onyanta Adama-Ajonye

Bokra a7la (Tomorrow is Better): Embodying Political Agency after the Egyptian Revolution
2012-2016, conducted by Maria Frederika Malmström
Business for development? Institutional change and international corporations in Africa
2013- 2014, conducted by Lisa Román

Cities, Governance and Civil Society in Africa
1997–2002, co-ordinated by Mariken Vaa

Circular Nomadism: youth and work in post‐war Liberia and Sierra Leone
 2015, co-ordinated by Mats Utas, Emy Lindberg, Luisa Enria
Clientelism and ethnic divisions
2013- 2014, conducted by Ann-Sofie Isaksson

Collective Organisation among Informal Workers in African Cities
2004 -2011, conducted by Ilda Lourenço-Lindell

Contemporary Charismatic Movement in Tanzania
2002–2006, conducted by Päivi Hasu

Corruption along ethnic lines: A study of individual corruption experiences in 17 African countries
2012-2014, conducted by Ann-Sofie Isaksson

Cultural Images in and of Africa
1995-2010, co-ordinated by Mai Palmberg

Daily Bread, Daily Dread - everyday interactions between security staff and small-scale economic operators in the DR Congo
2013-2017, co-ordinated by Maria Eriksson Baaz, Judith Verweijen and Ola Olsson

Economic Development and Change in Islamic Africa
1995–2000, conducted by Endre Stiansen

Emerging Powers – BRICS and Africa Engagement
2007- 2012, co-ordinated by Fantu Cheru

Gender and Age in African Cities
2003-2009, co-ordinated by Amin Y. Kamete

Gendering and (Un)Gendering Police Reform: the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo
2010-2013, co-ordinated by Maria Eriksson Baaz.

Gender Transition in Africa
(started in 2018). Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei 

Global Trade and Regional Integration: African Economies, Producers, and Living Conditions
2006-2008, co-ordinated by Yenkong Ngangjoh Hodu

Globalizing Minority Rights
2016-2017, conducted by Sirkku Hellsten

Governance of large-scale irrigation system in the Tana area, Northern Ethiopia
(started in 2013). Atakilte Beyene

Historical Research and Higher Education in Southern Africa
1999–2002, conducted by Hans Erik Stolten

Housing in Transition. A Zambian Case Study within GRUPHEL III
1994–2002, co-ordinated by Ann Schlyter

Human Life in Arid Lands
1987–1993, co-ordinated by M.A. Mohamed Salih

Infrastructure as Divination: Urban life in the Postcolony
2011-2017, co-ordinated by Erik Trovalla and Ulrika Trovalla

The Informal Realities of Peacebuilding - Military Networks and Former Mid-Level Commanders in Post-War Liberia.
2011-2014, conducted by Mats Utas, Anders Themnér (formerly Nilsson) and Ilmari Käihkö

Informal Security Structures in the Mano River Region: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone
2007-2010, co-ordinated by Mats Utas (co-organized with Magnus Jörgel, FHS)

The (im)possibility of the Swedish Policy for Global Development?
2014 - 2015, conducted by Måns Fellesson and Lisa Román

Land-people imbalances in the Lake Victoria Region
2013-2014, conducted by Opira Otto

Large scale agro investments in Tanzania – impacts on smallholder land access and food security
2012-2015, conducted by Kjell Havnevik and Linda Engström

Lessons learned from ESIA implementation in Bagamoyo district, Tanzania with special reference to bioenergy
2006 -2011, conducted by Kjell Havnevik

Liberation and Democracy in Southern Africa
2001–2006, conducted by Henning Melber

Mapping African immigrants in Sweden
2011, conducted by Anne Kubai

Masters or Migrants? The New Portuguese Migration to Angola and Cape Verde
2014-2017, conducted by Lisa Åkesson, Maria Eriksson Baaz and Pétur Waldorff

Medicine for Uncertain Futures: A Nigerian City in the Wake of a Crisis
2011-2016, conducted by Ulrika Trovalla

Mining and dynamic responses of the host community: survey evidence from selected mining communities in Ghana
2015-2016, conducted by George Adu

Modernisation and Distress in Men's and Women's Lives: African Experiences
2001–2005, conducted by Liv Haram

Modes and Narratives of Mobility and Career Paths among academics (Ph.D. holders) in Africa
2011-2015, conducted by Måns Fellesson and Paula Mählck

Multi-Party Politics and Election Violence: Structural and Proximate Challenges Found outside the Electoral Cycle
2012–2013, conducted by Eldridge Adolfo

Negotiating traditional medicine in Namibia: the politics of health and development
2014, conducted by Maylin Meincke

The new developers? Return migrants in policy and practice.
2010-2014, conducted by Lisa Åkesson.

Northern Malian Politics in War and Peace
2014, conducted by Ole Martin Gaasholt

Persons and Property in Kilimanjaro: Claims, Development, and Legal Anthropology
2006-2010, conducted by Knut Christian Myhre

Placing Conflict: Religion and Politics in Kaduna State, Nigeria
2014, conducted by Henrik Angerbrandt

Political and Religious Movements in Urban Development
1998–2001, conducted by Harri Englund

The Political and Social Context of Structural Adjustment in Sub-Saharan Africa
1990–2000, co-ordinated by Peter Gibbon/Adebayo Olukoshi

The Politics of Belonging and Exclusion: Land Rights, Citizenship and Civil Society in Kenya and Uganda. 2010-2015, conducted by Anders Sjögren

The Politics of Urban Informality (please note: opens in new window).
2012-2015, conducted by Ilda Lindell, Onyanta Adama, Andrew Byerley. The project continued at Stockholm University during 2016.

Political Economies of Displacement in Southern Africa
(started in 2006). Amanda Hammar

Politics of paper(lessnes)s: relational knowledge, solidarity action and bodies on the move
2015, conducted by Anitta Kynsilehto

Poor people’s livelihood strategies in coastal communities in Eastern Zanzibar
2010-2012, conducted by Eva Tobisson

Poor rural women co-managing protected areas - a viable option?
(2006-2009). Lisbeth Larsson-Lidén 

Post-Conflict Transition, the State and Civil Society in Africa
2001–2003, co-ordinated by Ebrima Sall

Post-Conflict Transition, the State and Civil Society in Africa
2005-2011, co-ordinated by Cyril I. Obi

Post-Gaddafi repercussions in the Sahel
2012-2014,  co-ordinated by Mats Utas and Emy Lindberg

Post-Gaddafi repercussions in the Sahel
2012-2014, conducted by Mats Utas and Emy Lindberg

Poverty and Prosperity in Africa: Local and Global Perspectives
1994–1999, co-ordinated by Vigdis Broch-Due

Power and Counter-Power in Zimbabwe: Political Violence and Cultural Resistance
2004, conducted by Björn Lindgren

The Private Rental market and Tenants in Formalization and Upgrading of Informal Settlements in Tanzania
2010-2012, conducted by Jenny Cadstedt

Private security providers on the African continent
2013-2015, conducted by Mats Utas together with Paul Higate, University of Bristol

Productivity Potentials and Poverty in Relation to Sub-Saharan Agriculture
2009–2013, conducted by Mats Hårsmar

Rainmaking and Climate Change in Tanzania: Traditions, Rituals and Globalisation
2010-2014, conducted by Terje Oestigaard

Religious beliefs and HIV in Akan Society
2014, conducted by Perpetual Crentsil

Research policy and research practise in the global knowledge economy: a comparative study between different geopolitical settings; the case of East Africa
2011-2015, conducted by Måns Fellesson

The ‘Rising Powers,’ China and India, and Africa: challenges and opportunities
 2013-2014, conducted by Sumit Roy

The Role of Institutions for Inclusive Development of Agricultural Markets: The Case of Post-Conflict Liberia
2014-2015, conducted by Gun Eriksson Skoog

Security, Governance and Development Nexus
(2015-2017), conducted by Sirkku Hellsten

Sexuality, Gender and Society in Africa
2000–2007, co-ordinated by Signe Arnfred

Socializing Children: Kin and Christian Churches in Uganda
2002–2005, conducted by Catrine Christiansen

The source of the White Nile in Uganda
2013-2014, conducted by Terje Oestigaard

State recuperation, resource mobilisation and conflict: Researching citizenship and capacity in Africa  states
2003–2004, co-ordinated by Lars Buur

To follow cattle or the sheikh? Socio-religious change among the pastoralists in Cameroon
2010–2013, conducted by Tea Virtanen

Trading up through regional integration: can a productive capacity-driven strategy provide the answer for the EAC economies?
2011 - 2014, conducted by Francis Matambalya

The Transforming Post-apartheid City
2012-2016, conducted by Annika Björnsdotter Teppo

Urban Development in Rural Context in Africa
1989–1996, co-ordinated by Jonathan Baker

Urban governance and politics in South African cities
2012-2015, conducted by Marianne Millstein

Urban imaginaries and socio-economic exclusion
2012-2015, conducted by Onyanta Adama, Andrew Byerley, Ilda Lindell, and Mats Utas

Water politics in the Nile basin – emerging land acquisitions and the hydropolitical landscape
(started in 2013). Terje Oestigaard and Mats Hårsmar

Water and food – Africa in a global context
(started in 2014). Terje Oestigaard

When the social net is unplugged: a study of poor African street traders on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa
2014, conducted by Christal Spel

Women’s Health Activism, Empowerment and Medicalization
2006-2008, conducted by Elina Oinas

Young women in African Wars
2007-2012, conducted by Mats Utas

Youth and marginality in urban Sierra Leone
2004-2012, conducted by Mats Utas

Youth, unemployment and the history of labor in Liberia
2013-2014, conducted by Emy Lindberg

Youth’s Independent Migration from Rural Burkina Faso to Ouagadougou
2005-2008, conducted by Dorte Thorsen

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