Please see the following selection of research papers and articles which have been produced since the establishment of NAI’s research project on ‘Liberation and Democracy in Southern Africa’ in 2000. All papers and articles may be freely downloaded and cited, while full copyrights remain with the respective author(s)/editor(s) and/or publisher(s).


Melber, Henning: Contested Territory: Land in Southern Africa. The Case of Namibia. In: Journal (Namibia Scientific Society), no. 50.

Melber, Henning (ed.): Zimbabwe’s Presidential Elections
—Evidence, Lessons, and Implications
. Uppsala: The Nordic Africa Institute (Discussion Paper no. 14).

Melber, Henning: Liberation without Democracy? Flaws of Post-Colonial Systems in Southern Africa. In: Development and Cooperation, no. 1, January/February 2002, pp. 18–20.


Melber, Henning [in German]: Befreiung ohne Demokratie? Defizite nachkolonialer politischer Systeme im südlichen Afrika. In: Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit, 42 (10), pp. 301–303.

Melber, Henning/Saunders, Christopher: Transition in Southern Africa—Comparative Aspects. Two Lectures. Uppsala: The Nordic Africa Institute (Discussion Paper no. 10).

Dieter, Heribert/Melber, Henning/Lamb, Guy: Prospects for Regional Co-operation in Southern Africa’. In: Regionalism and Regional Integration in Africa. A Debate of Current Aspects and Issues. Uppsala: The Nordic Africa Institute (Discussion Paper no. 11), pp. 54–74.

Kössler, Reinhart/Melber, Henning: ‘Political Culture and Civil Society: On the state of the Namibian state’. In: Diener, Ingolf/Graefe, Oliver, Contemporary Namibia. The first landmarks of a post-Apartheid society. Windhoek: Gamsberg Macmillian and Nairobi: IFRA, pp. 147–160. Courtesy of Gamsberg Macmillian/ IRFA and the editors. Also published in French as ‘Culture politique et société civile’, in: Diener, Ingolf/Graefe, Olivier, La Namibie contemporaine. Les premiers jalons d’une société post-apartheid. Paris: UNESCO/Karthala. Courtesy of Les Editions Karthala, Paris & the editors.


Melber, Henning: ‘The Culture of Politics’, in: Melber, Henning (ed.), Namibia—A Decade of Independence 1990–2000. Windhoek: The Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit (NEPRU Publication no. 7), pp. 165–190. Courtesy of NEPRU.

Melber, Henning [in German]: ‘Musterbeispiel oder Normalfall. Ein Jahrzehnt nachkolonialer politischer Herrschaft in Namibia’. In: Vereinte Nationen, 48 (5), October 2000, pp. 168–172.
Courtesy of Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft Baden-Baden & Deutsche Vereinigung für die Vereinten Nationen.

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