Marie NDiaye wins Prix Goncourt

The French writer Marie NDiaye has been awarded Prix Goncourt, the most prestigious literary award in France. Marie NDiaye was born in France, but her father is from Senegal. It is the first time in the more than 100 year history of the prize that it has been awarded to a writer of African descent and the first time since 1998 that it was awarded to a woman. Prix Goncourt is only worth 10 Euro, but the award carries enormous prestige in France and is guarantee for the author’s works to reach the bestseller lists.

NDiaye was awarded the prize for her most recent novel Trois femmes puissantes (Three Powerful Women), which weaves together three female destinies with connection to Africa. "It's a novel which speaks of the moral decay, the baseness of humanity, of suffering humanity, but which suggests, in the depths of misery, the possibility of redemption," the French newspaper Le Monde wrote of the book.

Marie NDiaye was born in Pithiviers in France to a Senegalese father and French mother. Her first novel Quant au riche avenir (As For the Rich Future) was published when she was only 18.

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