The NAI Policy Note series is aimed at providing policy makers with analysis on current affairs.

Research on GM crops too slow

Genetically modified crops may be a solution to Africa’s food security problem. However, they may also bring side effects that harm environment and human health. “The crucial question is if Africa can wait for research to give a definite answer about the risks while the demand for food increases on the continent”, former NAI...

More about politics than security

The military gave the Nigerian electoral commission no choice but to postpone the elections. But it is quite unclear how this would ease the need for security in the country, NAI researcher Henrik Angerbrandt writes in his analysis. Download his new Policy Note on how decentralised politics has brought on a new set of challenges...

Peace requires economic justice

Sweden is preparing a peacekeeping operation to Mali, as negotiations take place between the Malian government and rebel groups in Algiers. According to NAI researcher Ole Martin Gaasholt, to achieve sustainable peace, poverty-stricken northern Mali needs to become fully integrated economically.

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