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  1. our research service. Contents [Series] Film/Video [Volume] A call for freedom [Volume] Mandela – the prize of the presidency [Volume] Mandela = Mandela – a struggle for freedom [Volume] Population

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  2. others who share your area of interest. During a half-hour appointment you will receive an introduction to the library, assistance in finding the best keywords for your information search, or advice on the

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  3. did research on politics and development in Mozambique in the early 1980s. Today he is a researcher and teacher at the Collegium for Development Studies at Uppsala University. Contents A large portion

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  4. contact them well in advance because they are stored outside Oslo and not normally open for research. This is an outline of written material on Apartheid at OD. Contents [Series] Nigerians in exile in their

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  5. Africa Days 2018. Selected publications Africa Portal publications on migration (years 2018-2019). Africa portal is a research repository and an expert analysis hub on African affairs — a cooperation

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  6. the Swedish Television (SVT 1-2) are not public. They may be accessible on site for research after previous appointment. Most of the narrative material is in Swedish, interviews and foreign features are

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  7. mainly Country Report and Country Forecast. SA Media More than 3 million newspaper and periodical articles within Social sciences, Politics, Economy and more. Searchable through keywords and topics

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  8. Sechaba 1989-1990 [Volume] ANC material [Volume] Diverse printed material on Africa [Volume] Diverse printed material on Africa [Volume] The Africa Research Bulletin 1971-1972 [Volume] Articles and papers

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  9. AAB in advance, as it is placed in store rooms outside AAB. Secondary reading: SAIH's official history book was written by Nina Drolsum in 2001 for the 40 th anniversary. She has done extensive research

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  10. projects and cultural events is produced. The society also promotes Finnish research on Namibia. March 21, Namibian Independence Day, is celebrated with invitees from Finland and Namibia. Contents summary of

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