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  1. // Extent: Pamphlet collection - 146 posts. Ref. code: d Country: Sweden Period: 1960-1995 Keywords: Nordic Africa Institute library NAI Nordiska Afrikainstitutet biblioteket Pamphlet

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  2. Adult education in the army of PAIGC Address Nordic Africa Institute P O Box 1703 SE- 751 47 Uppsala Sweden Extent: 30 pictures Country: Sweden Period: 0-0 Keywords: Nordic Africa

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  3. mainly been deposited with the Center for History of Science of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and partly also with the Nordic Africa Institute. He might still have some material in his home

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  4. Country: Sweden Period: 0-0 Keywords: Lars Rudebeck Guinea-Bissau Mozambique PAIGC Africa Groups of Sweden AGS Politics Scientist Development Studies War Crime Uppsala Sweden Nordic Africa Institute NAI

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  5. Start / Library / Resources / Thematic resources / African mobilities African mobilities Links to information resources. NAI library staff compiled this to coincide with the Nordic Africa Days 2018

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  6. mainly Country Report and Country Forecast. SA Media More than 3 million newspaper and periodical articles within Social sciences, Politics, Economy and more. Searchable through keywords and topics

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  7. Volume] Reports [Volume] Applications and proposals 1984-90 [Volume] International Questions 1970-78 [Series] Mellomkirkelig råd 1990-95 [Volume] Administration, accounts. Nordic - SADCC Cooperation

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  8. C9/2 Denmark [Volume] C9/1 Sweden [Volume] C8/9 Christian Action, Defence and Aid Fund [Volume] C8/8 The crisis fund for South Africa [Volume] C8/6 Norwegian and Nordic trade unions [Volume] C8/7

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  9. The Trade Union Federations - Local and Regional Trade Union Branches - Other Unions/Organizations - The LO-TCO Secretariat of International Trade Union Development Cooperation - The Council of Nordic

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  10. speculative fiction. Language? Refine search results by language via facets next to the hitlist. Keywords (countries etc.) are all in English. Lists compiled by us Selections of fiction titles found in the NAI

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