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  1. Start / Library / Resources / Thematic resources / African mobilities African mobilities Links to information resources. NAI library staff compiled this to coincide with the Nordic Africa Days 2018

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  2. musical director of the song-group “Fjedur”, toured South Africa at the invitation of ELCSA, the South African Lutheran Church. Soon after he returned to work for a year in the township of Gugulethu, Cape

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  3. Start / Library / Resources / Fiction Fiction Some 4.000 titles contemporary African fiction, mainly in English, French, Portuguese and some in Swedish. Novels, short stories, poetry, drama, and

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  4. breakdown in South Africa, Another Oscarsberg in Lesotho. [Volume] Articles on: The SA Church, African Priest Leonhardt Mabaso's Sweden-visit. [Volume] Articles on: Pastor Manas Buthelezi, Marriage in

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  5. with a number of African liberation leaders including Joshua Nkomo, Oliver Tambo, Kenneth Kaunda, Thabo Mbeki among others. Today he is retired but still active in a liberal fund supporting developing

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  6. and the writer Per Wästberg (later member of the Swedish Academy). The Committee was intensely engaged in opinion and lobbying work with the objective of starting a consumer's boycott of South African

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  7. Apply for remote (off-campus) access African News Agency (Formerly: South African Press Association, SAPA.) Full-text news reports covering South African and African news. The database covers the period

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  8. Study, Education, Water, Meetings and Conferences. Contents [Series] Afrapix – Subscription from the African Photograph Department [Series] ÖAF 1-114 [Series] ÖAF 115-263 [Series] South Africa 1-154, 1971

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  9. South Africa) [Volume] Dnr 6169 Litteratur/massmedia (Literature/Mass media) [Volume] Dnr 6180 Principiella utredningar [Volume] Dnr 6181 ELCSA related partners [Volume] Dnr 6183 South African Institute

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  10. beginning of the 1980s ISAC in Uppsala almost ceased its activities but in 1985 it was revitalized. It was dissolved after the South African democratic elections in 1994. ISAC Uppsala worked with lobbying

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