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  1. 1922. It became involved in Africa with the civil war in Nigeria/Biafra in 1968. Inspired by the Danish section of the World Council of Churches' 'Programme to Combat Racism' ('Kirkernes Raceprogram

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  2. Regulations and programmes [Volume] Regulations and programmes [Series] Subject Related Records : Authorizations [Volume] Authorizations, pocket. [Series] Subject Related Records : Documents concerning Nigeria

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  3. speculative fiction. Language? Refine search results by language via facets next to the hitlist. Keywords (countries etc.) are all in English. Lists compiled by us Selections of fiction titles found in the NAI

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  4. Volume] International Defense and Aid Fund (IDAF) [Volume] Shipping Research Bureau [Volume] Various international organisations [Volume] Nordic countries [Volume] Nigeria [Volume] Australia [Volume

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