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    Start / Library / Resources / Thematic resources / Africa and the Sustainable Development Goals Africa and the Sustainable Development Goals Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable

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    Start / Library / Resources / Thematic resources / African mobilities African mobilities Links to information resources. NAI library staff compiled this to coincide with the Nordic Africa Days 2018

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    Start / Library / Use the library / Consult a librarian Consult a librarian Need help with information searching on Africa? Book one of our librarians for a 30 minute consultation. Consultations are

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  4. File/document Fiction

    speculative fiction. Language? Refine search results by language via facets next to the hitlist. Keywords (countries etc.) are all in English. Lists compiled by us Selections of fiction titles found in the NAI

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  5. File/document Databases

    periodical articles within Social sciences, Politics, Economy and more. Searchable through keywords and topics, articles viewable as pdfs. Focused mainly on southern Africa. Access: Automatic access at NAI

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    1975. During this period of decolonisation in most of the rest of Africa, Portuguese dictator Antonio Salazar promoted Portuguese settlement in order to buttress the claim that Angola was an “overseas

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