The Nordic Africa Institute

Work with us

Join a committed international team based in beautiful surroundings in the old university town of Uppsala.

Staff at NAI come from different professional backgrounds and disciplines, and bring with them a wide variety of perspectives on contemporary African issues. We value every staff member’s unique competence, and offer opportunities for intellectual engagement, skills development and network building.

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Currently no open positions.


Appointed positions and how to appeal a decision.

Other opportunities

We offer internships, scholarships, fellowships and placement of externally funded projects. Whether you are a master’s or doctoral student, post-doc or senior scholar, we have something for you.

Our core values

We are guided by the common basic values for government employees: democracy, legality, objectivity, free formation of opinion, respect as well as efficiency and service. We also have the following core values:

  • Involvement
    which requires teamwork, responsibility, preconditions, participation,
    leadership and direction.
  • Communication
    which should be credible, timely, transparent and strategic.
  • Trust
    which grows out of mutual respect, empathy, integrity and loyalty.
  • Transparency
    which results in quality, accountability and openness.

We've asked NAI scholars why they chose a career as a researcher and what motivates them in their work. First in our interview series is Patience Mususa on architecture, people, and stories.