Ethnic agitation in Nigeria

Ethnic agitation is becoming increasingly common in Nigeria. However, according to NAI researcher Victor Adetula it is seldom about ethnicity but involves, rather, local elites negotiating for power. Nonetheless, with the large numbers of unemployed youths available as a recruitment pool, such agitation is dangerous.

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Mining towns on the Copperbelt

Cities are emerging where minerals are extracted. But who is planning them and how will people make a livelihood when mines are no longer profitable and have to lay off workers? This is what NAI researcher Patience Mususa is examining in the Zambian Copperbelt.

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The politics of labels

For a long time, the Eritrean liberation struggle, unlike many similar struggles in the Third World, was ignored and neglected. It was largely defined by African countries, as well as the international community, as a separatist and narrowly ethnocentric enterprise. In a new book, researcher Redie Bereketeab concludes that this use of pejorative labels owed more to politics than to lack of knowledge.

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Holy water in Ethiopia

Tana Kirkos monastery, one of the holiest places in Ethiopia, is located on the shores of Lake Tana. Terje Oestigaard and a team of NAI researchers travelled there to see the footprints of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. The team also visited the legendary source of the Blue Nile, a place where pilgrims are purified and blessed with the holy water flowing from heaven.

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