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Rethinking the refugee crisis

Create legal entry points into the EU and start recruiting labour through EU embassies in Africa. And don’t forget the individual aspirations and capabilities of the migrants. NAI’s migration researcher Jesper Bjarnesen offers advice to EU policymakers in the new Policy Report “Rethinking the Mediterranean Crisis”.

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Digging for environmental justice in the NAI library

Political ecologist Connor Cavanagh is studying the politics of land and environmental protection in Kenya. He divides his time between Oslo and Nairobi, but some of the most crucial sources for his research, sensitive documents from the Kenyan government, he found at the NAI Library in Uppsala.

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Material remains tell the story

“By reading documents you get one image of the past. But archaeology can uncover so many more details of what it was really like to live there then.”

South African archaeologist Natalie Swanepoel is a guest researcher at NAI during fall 2015. Her current project focuses on the Botshabelo Mission Station in Mpumalanga province, South Africa.

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