Burundi is not Rwanda

Fear is spreading in Burundi, a country with a history of ethnic violence between Hutu and Tutsi. This scenario brings to mind the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. However, the situation in the two countries is very different. Jesper Bjarnesen, senior researcher at NAI, explains why.

Democracy or one party?

In June, Al-Bashir, Sudan’s leader since 1989, was sworn in for another five years as president. Few if any experts had expected any other outcome of the 2015 election. But will the 71 year old ex-military leader, who is accused by the ICC of war crimes in Darfur, continue his initiatives for national dialogue and overcome the country’s major economic and security hurdles? Read more.

Weak land investments

“Unfortunately many land investments are weak when it comes to local employment or other social benefits for the rural population”, NAI researcher Atakilte Beyene states. See video clip.

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