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Same institute – new look!

Communication. The Nordic Africa Institute is introducing a new graphic profile. The new logo – featuring the African continent visualised as semi-circle shapes – reflects the image of a modern, diverse and ever-changing Africa, says NAI Director Iina Soiri.

Violence in African elections

Open access. One of last year's bestselling books examines the causes of violent electoral clashes – now available online in full text.

Quotas – a step forward but not enough

Gender and politics. Affirmative action could help Ghana on the fast track to gender-balanced political representation. But according to researcher Diana Højlund Madsen, it has to be combined with other measures.

'People won't stop using charcoal'

Climate change. In poor areas of Zambian capital Lusaka people are stuck with energy solutions that harm the environment, because clean alternatives are unaffordable.

Personality before issues in Nigeria

Elections. “Political power is very much centralised in Nigeria. That´s why everyone strives to be close to the winning candidate in the presidential election. This survivalist strategy has gained prominence. In addition, recent electioneering has focused less...

Africa runs the risk of a debt crisis

Economy. Within four to five years, several African countries risk ending up in a new debt trap, warns development economist Jörgen Levin. Unlike the debt crisis in the 1980s and 1990s, debts are now mainly owed to private investors.

Growing interest in environmental issues in North Africa

Activism. Popular environmental movements, often based online, are also raising economic and social justice issues. According to NAI guest researcher Aziza Moneer, opinion in North Africa is hardening against a one-sided focus on economic growth.

Crisis could strengthen Mnangagwa’s hold on power

Zimbabwe protests. The current crisis in Zimbabwe may play into the hands of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and strengthen his position within the ruling Zanu-PF party, according to Obert Hodzi, Zimbabwean scholar and former guest researcher at The Nordic Africa...

Top 3 views of 2018

NAI films. Did you miss our most popular video clips from last year? Well, here they are again.

Top 3 reads of 2018

NAI articles. If you missed last year´s most read NAI-stories, here is another chance.

10 reasons to keep your eyes on Africa in 2019

Key topics. A trade deal in Kigali, a tarnished victory in Harare, and rocket-speed reforms in Addis made global headlines in 2018. But what’s on the plate for 2019? We list ten issues to keep track of in the year to come.

Award-winning Yearbook

Publications. Another milestone has been reached in the Africa Yearbook project, with volume 14 for 2017. The award-winning publication provides an annual overview for each country south of the Sahara.

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