Top 3 reads of 2018

If you missed last year´s most read NAI-stories, here is another chance.

Ethiopia's success story problematised
‘Ethiopia rising’ – the idea of a prosperous and fast-developing country – is a recurring theme as Ethiopia’s ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front consolidates its power. NAI scholarship holder Fisseha Tefera is looking into how this narrative is shaping state–people relations at a local level.

African youth abandon formal politics
Many young Africans have turned their backs on formal politics. They feel abandoned by a political elite who shows little understanding of their lack of life opportunities. In their search for new ways to reach influence, they are often met by demoralising reactions. A new book, based on 18 case studies from 14 African countries, examines the experience of being young in Africa today.

Everyday corruption a necessary evil
Bribes are part of everyday life in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare. Many people are involved one way or another, yet all agree that corruption is morally reprehensible.


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