Praise for Africa Now series

Our popular Africa Now book series, created together with Zed Books, continued to receive a lot of praise in 2017. The Rise of Africa’s Middle Class (Ed Henning Melber) was described as “polemic, bold, engaging and an excellent read” in the November issue of African Studies Quarterly.

The review continued: “Its multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary elements particularly make the book of immense value. It is a worthwhile critical compendium of information not only on Africa’s middle class but on sustainable social, cultural, economic, and political change in Africa.”

Other Africa Now books which were widely read and discussed in 2017 were Warlord Democrats in Africa – Ex-Military Leaders and Electoral Politics (Ed Anders Themnér) and Private Security in Africa – From the Global Assemblage to the Everyday (Ed Paul Higate and Mats Utas).

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