Misha Desai

A LinkedIn for Africa researchers in the Nordic region

Using NARN's new database, researchers will find out about job opportunities or where to apply for funding, and be able to invite colleagues to workshops.

The Nordic Africa Research Network (NARN) promotes collaboration between researchers to increase and disseminate knowledge about Africa. NARN is entering a new phase, updating its website with a database that will bring researchers together in one place. The website is publicly accessible, but only members will be able to access the database. They will be able to quickly find colleagues in the same field, establish contacts for project applications, tell others about vacancies and invite them to workshops and conferences.

NAI intern Misha Desai aims to map every researcher in the Nordic region. He has spent many hours searching university and research institute websites to find Africa researchers.

"The majority of them are based in Norway and Sweden, while I found fewer than expected in Finland. Perhaps the next person doing the mapping should be a Finnish speaker to more easily search the Finnish sites”, Desai observes.

Snowball effect
So far, he has found 660 researchers who would fit NARN's profile. The next step is to invite them to join the network. Desai hopes they will suggest more people who may be interested.

“In my view, there is no reason not to join. Membership gives access to a very useful network”, Desai says.

His work shows that Nordic Africa researchers mainly work on southern and eastern Africa. Unsurprisingly perhaps, peace and conflict research and development studies are the subjects that occur most often.

“So far, NARN has been limited to social sciences and humanities. In the future, we may include medicine and health sciences as well, since those subjects also are major research fields among Africa researchers in the Nordic countries”, Desai concludes.

TEXT: Johan Sävström

Who can become a member?

Anyone conducting research or in other ways promoting the study of Africa. He or she must also be a resident in one of the Nordic Countries.
To become a member one must register on the website (when it is ready) and pay the annual membership fee. 
Students – 100 Swedish Kronor (SEK)  
Researchers – 200 SEK
Institutions/Universities – 5 000 SEK

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