Moroccan migrants in Spain. Photo: John Perivolaris.

Diaspora may contribute with more than money

Sending money back home is important, but Africans living outside the continent should be encouraged to participate actively in the political development of their home countries. This is the view NAI Head of Research Victor Adetula who has gathered twenty researchers from ten countries to discuss this at a two-day conference organized in partnership with the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

– Whenever we speak of the African Diaspora and their homelands, what comes to mind immediately is how much money they send home. The World Bank and other international development agencies regularly compile statistics of remittances sent from abroad which in some countries are bigger than the volume of development aid. This is fine, but the diaspora can be much more involved in the political development of their homelands, Adetula remarks.

He thinks Africans abroad can make big contributions also in political and social development on the continent.

The conference takes place 20-23 June in Ibadan. 


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