Former NAI guest to lead Codesria

Godwin Murunga, who was guest researcher at NAI in 2009, has been appointed new executive secretary of the social science research-council Codesria, based in Dakar, Senegal.

NAI Senior Researcher Anders Sjögren, who has worked closely with Murunga, calls him ‘a public intellectual in the best sense’. Godwin Murunga, a distinguished historian and political analyst of Kenyan origin, is known for his weekly column in Kenya’s influential Daily Nation newspaper.
“He interrogates the conditions for, and promotes the ideals of, democracy, social justice and knowledge production on equal terms,” Sjögren says.

Together with Kenyan scholar Duncan Okello the two co-edited the book "Kenya – The Struggle for a New Constitutional Order", as part of NAI’s Africa Now-series published by Zed Books in 2014.
Murunga is currently teaching at the Institute of Development Studies of the University of Nairobi. He is the immediate past director of the Africa Leadership Centre in Nairobi, and was a member of the Executive Committee of Codesria for two consecutive terms (2005-2011).

Murunga spent three months in Uppsala in 2009 when he was NAI guest researcher. He played a vital part in a programme on African security, run by NAI together with the Swedish Defense Research Agency FOI. After returning to Kenya and The African Leadership Centre he continued to collaborate with NAI at workshops on conflict resolution held in both Nairobi and Uppsala.
“I only have fond memories of Godwin Murunga, says Tania Berger, NAI’s Head of Administration and Research Support, and continues:
“He is a likeable person who has always been very accommodating. We really look forward to continue collaborating with Codesria with Godwin Murunga at the helm.”

Murunga will take over from Ebrima Sall, whose last term as executive secretary is about to end.


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