H.E. Amina Bouayach, Morocco’s ambassador in Sweden. Photo: Mattias Sköld.

Morocco reappearing in AU

On Tuesday this week the AU, during the summit in Addis Ababa, decided to admit Morocco’s request to regain its membership. Coinciding with the AU summit was a high-level meeting at the Nordic Africa Institute involving the ambassadors of North African countries in Sweden.  H.E. Amina Bouayach, Morocco’s ambassador in Sweden, points out that although the country left the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) it never left Africa.

“We have continued to have close relationship with the other states of the continent. Economically as well as politically. Not least with sending UN troops to secure peace in African countries”, Bouayach says.

Morocco left OAU in 1984 when several member-states recognized the disputed territory of Western Sahara. Ambassador Bouayach hopes that by re-joining the Africa Union, the conflict between Morocco and Western Sahara may ease or be resolved.

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