Egypt’s ambassador in Sweden, Wael Nasr, and NAI director Iina Soiri discussing North Africa’s role in the continent and in the African Union. Photo: Mattias Sköld.

High level seminar at NAI

To face challenges such as terrorism, climate change and migration, heads of state in the African Union (AU) have frequently emphasised that Africa’s countries must act as one. But just how unified is Africa today? Ambassadors to Sweden from the five North African countries, Swedish government policy experts, and researchers from North Africa as well as NAI will discuss pan-Africanism in a seminar at NAI on Monday 30 January.

NAI researcher and seminar organiser Mikael Eriksson says, ‘We don’t discuss North Africa from a pan-African perspective that often. Therefore it is particularly exciting that we will have the opportunity to hear perspectives from Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Libya.

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