Tradional leaders still important

A 'chief', or traditional leader in Zambia is a person who controls an area, a chiefdom, in accordance with traditional laws and rules.
"Politicians and traditional leaders should collaborate more. It would really strengthen democracy in Zambia.", says Patience Mususa to the magazine 'Forskning & Framsteg'  (Research & Progress). Patience Mususa is Zambian and researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute.

All Zambians belong to a chiefdom, their original village, were their friends and family come from. The traditional justice is appreciated by many Africans. In the Afrobarometer, a survey conducted in 2008-09 in almost all African countries south of the Sahara, a majority of respondents said that chiefs have a large or some influence over how society is governed. Almost four out of ten believe that the chiefs have the main responsibility for resolving local conflicts.

Read the article in Swedish magazine 'Forskning & Framsteg' (opens in new window).

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