Strong population growth in Africa

Currently 21 countries are classfied as "high fertility" by the United Nations, this means that women give birth to five or more children. Ninteen of these countries are on the African continent. Europe's population is expected to decline, but Africa's population is increasing with 30 million people a year.

"It makes great demands on how African countries nationally and regionally will be able to manage its population growth. I firmly believe that it will lead to more migration, both internally and from the continent, but it is only a small percentage who choose to leave. The big question will be about how countries develop", says NAI researcher Jesper Bjarnesen in an interview with Swedish newspaper ETC.

In 1950 Africa accounted for 9 percent of the world population. In 2010 the proportion was 25 percent and by 2100 it is estimated that 39 percent of the world's population are Africans.

Article in ETC with comments by Jesper Bjarnesen (in Swedish, opens in new window).

Link to 'African Economic Outlook' (opens in new window)

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