Policy advice on Eritrea’s refugee crisis

Cover image: Refugee camp in Tsorona. Photo: Roberto Maldeno

Five thousand refugees leave Eritrea each month according to UNHCR, making it one of the world’s fastest-emptying countries. In a new policy note, researcher Redie Bereketeab analyses the role and responsibility of the international community in the Eritrean migration crisis.

In his recommendations to policy-makers he takes a strong standpoint against unjustified sanctions and attempts to isolate Eritrea.

“The International Community should stop using sanctions as a political instrument and prevent the geostrategic interests of big powers from dictating the destiny of small nations. Instead we need to build trust with the Eritrean government; engage and encourage, and stop isolating and demonizing”, says Redie Bereketeab, researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute.

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