Workshop on traditional African healing

Traditional African medicine was long dismissed and discriminated against as harmful superstition. In recent years, however, the value of traditional healing practices has been slowly recognized by researchers as well as a number of African governments and official authorities.

The Nordic Africa Institute is now, together with University of the Western Cape and University of Jyväskylä, taking the initiative to bring together researchers, activists and policy practitioners within this discipline to discuss issues of public health and traditional healing.

For two days 15 researchers and other experts from Finland, South Africa and Sweden will take part in a work on collaboration between traditional African healers and biomedical health practitioners. Annika Teppo, associate professor at the Nordic Africa Institute, will be hosting of the workshop, taking place in Uppsala 1-2 October. In her research she’s been following traditional healers for many years.

– The purpose is to strengthen professional networks and I’m also hoping that we can establish a basis for a joint publication, a book or a special edition of a journal, says Annika Teppo.

Read more in the workshop invitation.

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