Maputo. Photo: Johan Sävström.

Nordic-Mozambique talks on inclusive growth

NAI director Iina Soiri and other Nordic experts, academics and development practitioners will engage in dialogue with their Mozambican partners in October on the topic of inclusive growth. The conference is opened by the President of Mozambique Filipe Nyusi and involves the country’s ministers for finance and natural resources.

The discussions intend to share Nordic and other international experiences as well as observations and opportunities of inclusive growth in Mozambique.

"Contributing to the success of this relevant conference is a prime example of Nordic Africa Institute’s mandate to link up Nordic and African experts in joint dialogue on development options", says Iina Soiri.

Director Soiri will moderate a panel discussion with Mozambican finance minister Adriano Maleiane, The World Bank’s Angola country director Clara de Sousa and Professor Erik Reinert of Tallin University of Technology.

The conference will take place in Maputo 14 and 15 October. An estimated 250-300 representatives from both the private and public sectors are expected to take part.

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