Tanzania in the spotlight

Is Africa rising? Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa experience remarkable growth. Afrooptimists claim that an economic transformation is imminent, while critics argue that growth is mainly in the extractive sectors, with little improvement being noted among the rural and urban poor.

A new book from the Nordic Africa Institute, edited by NAI associate researcher Michael Ståhl addresses this question. Looking back, looking ahead is a collection of research essays focused on East Africa, with an emphasis on Tanzania. It is published as a festschrift to Professor Kjell Havnevik who this summer retired from the Nordic Africa Institute.

In this book authors review the challenges that agricultural producers have faced in the past and risk facing today and tomorrow; customary and individual land tenure regimes, the character of current growth and policy dialogue between the donor community and the Tanzanian government. The book also includes essays on religion and education.

Book launch seminar

A book launch seminar will be held on Tuesday 15 September, from 2:15 pm to 4:30 pm, at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala. Professor Kjell Havnevik, the book’s editor Michael Ståhl and several of the authors will be attending this seminar. Please register your participation with Susanne Linderos, e-mail susanne.linderos@nai.uu.se, phone +46 18-471 52 83, no later than 14 September.

Looking back, looking ahead – land, agriculture and society in East Africa
A Festschrift for Kjell Havnevik
Edited by Michael Ståhl
The Nordic Africa Institute 2015 (240 pages)
Price: SEK 200:-

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