Photo: Anitta Kynsilehto

The need to visit Tunisia

"Tunisia needs our solidarity now", says NAI-researcher Anitta Kynsilehto who attended the World Social Forum in Tunis end of March, as part of her current project. The terrorist attack in the Tunisian capital the week before cast its shadow on the forum, but didn’t hamper the event.

Read Anitta Kynsilehto’s  own words:

“I attended the World Social Forum in Tunis 24–28 March 2015. A week before the WSF, Tunisia witnessed a terrible terrorist attack at the Bardo Museum, where 24 people were killed.

While the siege of the Museum was on-going, my bus arrived to the station in the southern parts of the city of Tunis. What were supposed to be relatively calm few days of meetings and other encounters became filled with solidarity demonstrations and discussions on what might possibly be happening in the near future.

The opening march of the forum was turned into a solidarity demonstration. “We will not conquer to the fear”, was commonly heard throughout these events. The organizers of the WSF also upgraded the security practices for the Campus El Manar, but did this in a way that the shared space of multiple exchanges and social justice for all that the WSF stands for was not hampered.

I met many friends and colleagues and made new contacts for my future work, and I encourage everyone to go and discover Tunisia. The country needs all of us, in solidarity.”

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