No easy solutions to gender issues

Donor governments and peacebuilding organizations often want a solution that works, that can be replicated and used in many places. This ‘one size fits all’-approach does not work according to Henri Myrttinen, Senior Research Officer on gender in peacebuilding at International Alert.

“Even finding a common terminology can be difficult. For example in DR Congo the word ‘trust’ lacked context and understanding, therefore defining that word must be the first step”, says Henri Myrttinen.

Presenting results can also be quite tricky. It is crucial to put light on the complexity of gender issues in peacebuilding, and results cannot always be presented in facts and figures.

“The everyday indicators are the most efficient tool to measure improved gender relations. However, a phenomenon can in one setting be negative and positive in another. Graffiti can be gang related but on the other hand it can also be an expression of freedom and creativity”, says Henri Myrttinen.

‘Re-thinking gender in peacebuilding’ is a report that calls for a more nuanced understanding of the role gender plays in peacebuilding. Download the report for free here (opens in new window).
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