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Mistrust in the time of Ebola

NAI seminar: Tuesday August 19th in Stockholm

As the death toll exceeds 1,000 in West Africa governments and aid organizations struggle to treat those infected and prevent further transmission of the virus. Deep-rooted mistrust of authorities fuel the spread of rumors and conspiracy theories. What are the reasons for the rumors and why have the two countries Liberia and Sierra Leone failed to curb the epidemic? This question and several more are asked, and hopefully answered, at this seminar where Adia Benton from Brown University is the main speaker.

Invitation to ebola seminar August 19th, 15.00-16.00 in Stockholm (pdf opens in new window).

The NAI library has put together a web dossier with useful information sources on ebola.

Read guest blog post by Adia Benton at Mats Utas' blog: 'Ebola, mistrust and humanitarian mobility?' (opens in new window).

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