Truly responsible investments?

How can agricultural investments in developing countries be carried out in a responsible manner? This is what NAI researcher Kjell Havnevik has analysed and written about in a report for the Swedish FAO committee to be launched at a seminar 25 March in Stockholm. Already existing principles on responsible agricultural investment (RAI) aim to enhance food security, nutrition and sustainable development. However, the report identifies a need of transforming the principles into concrete guidelines.
Kjell Havnevik has analysed empirical material from case-studies in Brazil, Mozambique and Sierra Leone. He found that the stories differ if one speaks to investors or to grassroots.
– Investors often emphasize the potential for win-win outcomes, while NGOs are biased towards win-lose or even lose-lose outcomes. Concrete guidelines will therefore provide important inputs into the RAI process so its outcome makes a difference for people on the ground, says Kjell Havnevik.

Read the summary of Swedish FAO Committee discussion paper by Kjell Havnevik (pdf opens in new window).

See details of seminar 25 March on Responsible Agricultural Investment.

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