Maria Eriksson Baaz on the situation in Congo

NAI researcher Maria Eriksson Baaz recently participated in Swedish Radio (P1 Konflikt, opens in new window) in a conversation about the situation in Congo. There is a lot of optimism among UN personnel, civilians and within the Congolese army while it is a war that has been going on for a very long time.
– Some optimism is justified. The Congolese army has for the first time been able to actually put pressure to defeat the strongest militarily group. This is above all a victory for the Congolese army rather than the purely military for UN, says Maria Eriksson Baaz.

Maria Eriksson Baaz also participates in a parliamentary seminar on December 5th, with focus on what it takes to bring peace in the DR Congo and an end to sexual violence.
The Swedish Minister for Development Cooperation Hillevi Engström will talk about Sweden's position in the DR Congo and how Sweden works in the country at the seminar. Dr. Denis Mukwege, prize winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize Right Livelihood Award for his long term work to help raped women, gives a picture of the reality in the DR Congo.

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