Poor results for EU development aid in Congo

EU development aid to one of the world's poorest countries has led to very limited results. Fewer than half of the operations in the DRC audited by the European Court of Auditors has, or is likely to have its intended effect. Maria Eriksson Baaz, researcher at NAI believes that ambitions were unrealistic, but think that the problem is bigger than that.
– Among other things, the EU more or less saw through the fingers when Joseph Kabila won the last election through widespread fraud and a problematic rewrite of the Constitution. On one hand, the EU and other donors are engaged in "good governance" projects, but on the other hand, helps to maintain the system itself, says Maria Eriksson Baaz in an interview with Swedish News Agency TT.

Congo, almost the size of Western Europe, has long been hit by bloody war. Since 1998, five million people are believed to have died from violence, hunger and disease mainly in the eastern regions, where conflicts are still ongoing.

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