Understanding Al-Shabaab

Leader of NAIs conflict cluster, Mats Utas, is impressed by the book Al-Shabaab in Somalia: the history and ideology of a militant Islamist group, 2005 – 2012 by Stig Jarle Hansen.
– If you want to understand Al-Shabaab and its relative popularity in Somalia, you must read this book. Among other things, the author explains how the movement is organized as a state and not as a mad militia, says Mats Utas. Read full review at Mats Utas’ blog (opens in new window). 

NAI researcher Anders Sjögren comments on the recent events in Nairobi. Read articles in Swedish dailies Aftonbladet (opens in new window) and  Svenska Dagbladet (opens in new window).

– One of the reasons for the attack in Nairobi is that Al-Shabaab is falling apart. They wanted international attention to show the world that Al-Shabaab still is a strong force in the region, says NAI researcher Mats Utas to Swedish Radio. Listen to full interview (opens in new window).

– Desperation may be behind terrorist attacks against Nairobi, says NAI researcher Mats Utas to the magazine ETC. Read article in ETC (in Swedish, opens in new window).

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