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"A recognition of Africa’s capacity to solve its own problems"

The Nobel Peace Prize. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is this year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate. NAI head of research Victor Adetula thinks it has great symbolic value for how the rest of the world now sees Africa – an Africa that is capable of providing solutions to...

Isolationist legacy echoes in xenophobic attacks

South Africa violence. The latest wave of violence against foreigners in South Africa has provoked tension across the continent. According to Nordic Africa Institute visiting professor Eghosa Osaghae, the fear of outsiders is a legacy of the nation’s long isolation during...

Low voter turnout predicted in Mozambique

Mozambique elections. Natural disasters, corruption scandals and terrorist attacks — Mozambique has had its share of calamities over the past few years. According to political scientist Salvador Forquilha, they may affect voter turnout at the elections on 15 October, but...

Weak government presence in slum areas

Urban development. Almost half of the urban population in sub-Saharan Africa live in informal settlements. For the some 85 000 people living in Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria, government intervention is almost nil.

Obstacles for disability-inclusive development in African cities

Urban planning. Early introduction of disability studies into schools could play a role in foregrounding disability in mainstream debates. This is one of the recommendations in a new policy note on how urban design can be made more inclusive for people with...

Protecting a research archive from being lost

Library. Old paper glue is destroying thousands of documents in a large research archive. In order to preserve the collection, the Nordic Africa Institute’s library is now scanning each and every document.

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