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Researchers: Climate change is a driver of violent clashes in the Sahel

A podcast episode on trade from and within Africa
Date • 11 Oct 2023

West Africa and the Sahel is one of the regions where people are most affected by climate change in the world. Climate change is often seen as a risk multiplier in this region. Because most people live on subsistence farming, extreme changes in the weather have an immediate impact on their survival. The Sahel zone is most vulnerable. It lies just underneath the Sahara desert. With global warming, access to land, water, and pastures is becoming more difficult. It creates competition. It is one of the drivers of violent clashes between farmers and herders, for example. Recent research has also shown how diminishing livelihood opportunities, caused by shrinking lakes, rising sea levels and other effects of climate change, can spill over to an increase in violent extremism and terrorism.

Our panel of experts includes:

  • Angela Muvumba Sellström, senior researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute
  • Ngozi Amu, Head of Research and Analysis at the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS)

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